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By combining artificial intelligence, robotics, and automated cerebral ultrasound, NovaSignal is revolutionizing how real-time blood flow data is utilized for brain health.

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Unlocking the hidden power
of blood flow data.

Blood flow in the brain is indicative of health.
Lack of real-time data can lead to disability or death.


Strokes every year in the U.S.1

> 50%

Amount of patients who have shown imaging signs of stroke after aortic valve surgery.2


Percentage of stroke victims who receive the appropriate treatment within 6 hours.3


The Lucid™ Robotic System*

A non-invasive robotic ultrasound headset is combined with
artificial intelligence to empower physicians with blood flow data.

It’s all in the data.

At NovaSignal we are passionate about unlocking the hidden power of blood flow data. 

Our proprietary dataset is composed of millions of heartbeats and is expanding everyday. Through the use of cloud computing and data analytics services, NovaSignal will support physicians in their clinical decision making, leading to better patient outcomes.

NovaSignal’s novel solution is uniquely addressing brain disease through robotics, artificial intelligence, and data services. 

Blood flow is dynamic.
Assessments should be too.

The Lucid Robotic System uniquely captures and delivers real-time blood flow data to assist clinicians in neurology, cardiology, and pulmonology with clinical decision making to improve patient outcomes.

Knowledge is power

The Lucid Robotic System is revolutionizing how real-time
brain health data is harnessed and utilized.

Artificial intelligence quickly locates blood vessels and assesses blood flow velocity to help with stroke assessment

Proprietary algorithms and robotics enable automated, extended post-stroke monitoring

Unique data delivery methods empower clinicians with blood flow data to help improve post-stroke outcomes

FDA cleared, automated cerebral ultrasound

All marketed products are CE Mark approved and meet ISO
and MDSAP standards for quality.

*(Lucid™ M1 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System® and NeuralBot™ System). Disclaimer.

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