Rapid, accurate information is crucial for patients suffering from a brain injury.

The applications of ultrasound in neurology are vast:

  • The Joint Commission requires cerebral ultrasound in order to be recognized as a comprehensive stroke center
  • Cerebral ultrasound is recognized as the standard of care at comprehensive stroke centers1
  • The high sensitivity of cerebral ultrasound facilitates post-stroke monitoring, cryptogenic stroke assessment, and shunt detection
  • Automated cerebral ultrasound enables extended monitoring and long-term follow-up

Real-Time Assessment

The NovaGuideTM Intelligent Ultrasound is modernizing the approach to accessing consistent,
real-time assessments of blood flow in the brain.

Quick, straightforward setup allows for patient monitoring even in the absence of a highly specialized technician. Shown to be 99.7% accurate to an expert sonologist.2

Artificial intelligence is used to automatically find the main cerebral artery, quickly assess blood flow velocity, and count emboli.

The fully autonomous NovaGuide allows for improved patient management and efficiencies when managing complex cases

The NovaGuide tests to 2x the accuracy of traditional systems.


Extending monitoring times and monitoring patients during high risk procedures.

“The automated, robotic solution has allowed us to use transcranial doppler technology in new ways by extending monitoring times and monitoring patients during high risk procedures. We are making increasingly more clinical decisions affecting our stroke patients based on the robotic transcranial doppler studies. The company’s commitment to innovation and new applications makes this technology even more exciting going forward.”

Dr. Henrikas Vaitkevicius
Neurologist and Assistant Professor,

Boston, Massachusetts

Game-Changing Research

At NovaSignal we are passionate about unlocking the hidden power of blood flow in the brain. By combining automated cerebral blood flow monitoring with artificial intelligence we are revolutionizing how brain health data is harnessed and utilized.

We are currently conducting or supporting research using
the NovaGuide for the following conditions:

  • Large vessel occlusion
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage cerebral vasospasm
  • Mild traumatic brain injury
  • Non-invasive intracranial pressure
  • Blast injury
  • Intracranial bleed
  • Detection of patent foramen ovale
  • Periprocedural monitoring
  • COVID-19
  • Cerebral malaria
  • Sickle-cell disease
  • Brain death

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