The Lucid™ M1 System

Portable, next-generation ultrasound is combined with intuitive design to create a modern interface with a responsive touchscreen.

With twice the resolution of traditional ultrasound,
the Lucid M1 displays unparalleled
visualization in color.

Complete exam with customizable protocols

Automated emboli detection

Bilateral monitoring

Limited exam with vasospasm protocol

Bubble studies for shunt detection

Vasomotor reactivity tests

The Lucid M1 is designed with providers in mind.

  • Compact, light, and easy to transport
  • Integrated stand
  • Can be mounted on a cart-based system for maximum portability
  • Easy carrying handle
  • Battery operation available
  • Ability to connect to television systems to enable remote monitoring

The power of blood flow data.

At NovaSignal we are passionate about unlocking the hidden power of blood flow in the brain. We believe it is our responsibility to improve healthcare throughout the world. Learn more about how the Lucid M1 is being used to assess intracranial pressure in children suffering from malaria.

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