The Lucid™ Robotic System*

By combining artificial intelligence, robotics, and automated cerebral ultrasound, the Lucid Robotic System is revolutionizing how brain health data is harnessed and utilized.

Uniquely captures and delivers
real-time blood flow data.


Proprietary robotic ultrasound reduces variability in measurement


Artificial intelligence quickly locates major blood vessels and assesses blood flow velocity


Intuitive, user-friendly setup and interface allows the care team to focus on the patient

Lets the care team tend to their patients
not their equipment.

Artificial intelligence quickly locates blood vessels
and begins the autonomous assessment.


A chance to look inside the brain at blood flow patterns in real time.

“Integrating the Lucid Robotic System gives clinicians a chance to look inside the brain at blood flow patterns in real time and rapidly identify physiological changes associated with neurological disorders, enabling efficient diagnosis and triage for treatment.”

Dr. Alan B. Lumsden,
Medical Director and Chair of Cardiovascular Surgery,

Houston Methodist DeBakery Heart and Vascular Center

*(Lucid™ M1 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System® and NeuralBot™ System) Disclaimer

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